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BA: Summer Group Discipleship Classes on Wednesday, July 6, 2022 @ 6:30 PM


Family Discipleship:

Join us on the BattleCreek Broken Campus as Tommy Kline, Lead Kids Director, will walk parents and caretakers through 3 engaging weeks of learning how to disciple our families. We will learn how to have a meaningful, age-appropriate experience with our families studying the Bible. On week 2, we will discover how to pray with and for our families. Our final week of class will focus on turning everyday conversations into gospel conversations with our families.


Engage: An Introduction to Apologetics:

This class is designed to help you learn how to engage people in meaningful conversations about your Faith. In the first class, we'll talk about how to use questions to guide conversations in a kind, non-threatening manner. The next two weeks cover an intro to Theology and Apologetics, respectively, to help prepare you to answer common questions about Christianity. Whether you’re a seek, new or experienced believer, this class will help you have a better understanding of how to talk about your faith.


Bible 101: How to read and retain the Bible:

In this class you will gain a basic understanding of the Bible and Prayer as the core disciplines of your faith. We will also work together to design a customized plan to help you confidently disciple others.


Women’s Study:

This is a study about awakening our spirituality in our everyday lives by opening our eyes and ears to God's powerful presence and promises. This study will empower us to go "deeper” into God's love, be prepared for daily battles, and be ready to share God's love with others.


Single’s Study:

Sometimes life feels rigid—as if nothing could ever really change. Maybe we’re afraid of taking a step of faith. Or maybe we’re too injured from the past to move forward. Or maybe life threw us a curveball and we still don’t know how to react. No matter where you find yourself, you can make the most of today. In this inspirational series, Tim Tebow shares stories from his life to illustrate what it means to seize each day for God’s glory. He challenges us to step out in courage because this is the day to act.


Men’s Study—Compelled by Grace:

Grace is compelling when it is allowed to make its way into every aspect of the Christian life. With our personal abandonment and absolute trust in Him, God will lead us through a journey in life that will provide us the most challenging, yet satisfying, spiritual adventure we could ever desire. 

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